Oh, almost forgot…

To wish a very happy 100 year birthday to the Ice Cream Cone. Now a little ice cream cone haiku.

Beloved ice cream cone
How you’ve brightened my childhood
Keeping my hands clean

Thank you.

9 thoughts on “Oh, almost forgot…

  1. I too
    wish you
    a Happy
    but a sappy

    100 and you’re still a favorite
    So many of us still savor it.
      (butter pecan for me)!!!!!

  2. I don’t get how ice cream keeps your hands clean Les, but I guess that’s poetic license.
    Still, I like the piece and Momma, I didn’t realize you were so poetically inclined.

  3. {It’s the CONE Brock, the CONE that he’s singing to!  The CONE keeps your hands clean. 

    Not that you would know since . . .

    *yo mama was sooooo po’, she couldn’t afford a cone for yo ice cream, and you had to just scoop it into yo hand and lick it off!*

    You barbarian.  I suppose you’re not familiar with the fork, either!?!?)

  4. I don’t think it was invented at the 1904 World’s Fair, but I believe that’s where it first made a big impact.

  5. Damn I’m feeling stupid – Of course it’s the cone. I’ve gotta quit staying up so late that I can’t get to sleep and then have to stay up after all but read this site even though I don’t have the mind to approach it.
    Actually this is fun; I’m posting some of my best stuff to other sites today. You guys don’t deserve my best stuff since you never acknowledge my brilliance anyway.

    But I’m still confused. Was an ice cream cone responsible for Les’s conversion to atheism? He said it bright-ened his childhood. What does it really meme?

    btw, Les. I saw another “wife cuts off husband’s penis” story in the news today. Want me to send it to ya? I know you collect these.

    Hey Nowiser, bite me! (Then again, nevermind. With all the detached penises flying about these days, I’d better not press my luck.)

  6. No, I collect the stories where some dumbass cuts off his OWN penis for some stupid reason. Wives cutting off their husband’s penis have become so common that it’s barely worth cringing over anymore.

    And that was a terrible pun about my conversion to atheism. wink

  7. Not a damned haiku.
    Six syllables in line one.
    Try five, seven, five.

    LOL… sorry bout that, just a stickler for poetry. Made it over from /. , keep up the good work.

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