Not the kind of increased exposure I need.

I’m working from home for the rest of the day due to a pants-related emergency. I have one pair of jeans that were starting to wear out and had developed small holes at the corners of the back pockets which I thought I had set aside so I wouldn’t mistakenly try to wear them to work. It appears I didn’t them far enough aside as I managed to get a hold of them this morning and put them on without thinking about it. I get dressed in the dark so as not to wake the wife, you see, which means I often can’t see the clothes in front of my face so I rely on the knowledge that my clean clothes are in a particular spot.

Things were going fine until we went out to lunch. When I tried to sit down in Howard’s car for the return trip to the office there was this ripping sound and the accompanying dawning realization that comes with it. Great. I wrapped my winter coat around my mid-section and tied the arms together so I’d only look like a partial idiot when we got back to the office. Went inside long enough to grab my PDA, sign out of my workstation and then fail to locate my boss to explain why I wasn’t going to be in the office for the rest of the day. So I sent him an email and hustled my ass out of there before I mooned too many people. This kind of fun I don’t really need, but oh well.

7 thoughts on “Not the kind of increased exposure I need.

  1. Muhahahaha… little did he know it was all planned.  A plot to get him home early, alone, before the kid showed up.  Do you think they’ll notice in the office if it happens two or three days in a row?

  2. HAHA.  Excellent first visit to your site!!  Great story!  I’m reminded of the Dockers commercial…“nice pants.”

  3. That’s hilarious!  I pretty much had the same thing happen to me today—including discovering the split when I got into a car!  Luckily I was en route to seeing Return of the King so all I had to do was sit for 3.5 hours.

  4. Yeah, there’s nothing quite like the sight of a fat, bearded and seasonally confused preppie with a Santa hat on and a heavy leather coat tied around his waist to really make a fashion statement.

  5. But hey think of all the thrills you missed giving the people at work!  Not mention if the people in your office play the boxer or briefs game they would have had the correct answer about you!

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