More gifts for the gadget geek: The iDuck.

Yellow iDuckContinuing in our vein of silly gifts you can give your favorite geek who seemingly has it all already, we proudly present: The iDuck.

From Solid Alliance in Japan, a new duck-shaped USB storage drive with 16MB of storage space that lights up when plugged into a computer. The i-Duck comes in yellow, blue, and pink.

The only thing that would improve on the almost sickeningly cuteness factor would be if it quacked during data transfers.

Found via Gizmodo.

6 thoughts on “More gifts for the gadget geek: The iDuck.

  1. I think I need one of those for work.

    “The file you will need is on my portable drive…” 
    *hands over duck and waits for weird stares to begin* 

    Oh yeah. I need this. smile

  2. Something inside me says this is wrong on so many levels:-O

    I mean rubber ducky is only for the bath and that strange woman that corrupted me many years ago, but thats another story:-P

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