Man blows a fuse after losing lighting competition.

Seems you can’t even have a friendly holiday lighting contest without some asshole taking it too seriously. An asshat who felt his Christmas lights display should have won the informal contest took his frustration out on the winner’s display before trashing his own lighting setup. Probably had too much eggnog.

10 thoughts on “Man blows a fuse after losing lighting competition.

  1. Well, you fools obviously haven’t figured out the REAL problem.  I got the answer!  Nobody should mess with Christmas lights except fools!.  They are HOLIDAY lights.  Therein lies the whole problem…those damn Christians ruined the fun …AGAIN!


  2. Loved you reminding us all of the real meaning of Christmas…with your “anonymous author” quote…I’m sure you ALL donated to the Atheist’s Children’s Fund…spirit of the holidays and all…


  3. I can see that Clemmie is full of Christmas spirit as well.

    As there is no “Atheists Children’s Fund” as far as I’m aware I’ve obviously not donated to it. That hasn’t stopped me from donating to a wide-range of other charities, including some setup and run by atheists, over the course of the last year. Don’t assume that just because I or others happen to be atheists that we don’t donate money and time to various good causes. You don’t have to believe in gods to have compassion for those less fortunate than yourself.

  4. Dear Les,

    Good comeback!  I would like to know the name and address of what you consider to be the best atheist organization that helps children in particular, although I also am interested in benefitting needy adults.  Any suggestions, anyone?


  5. Off the top of my head I don’t know of any atheist charities that have been set up specifically to help children as their primary concern. As for charities in general that are established and run by atheists there’s the Women’s Medical Fund, Earthward, the Atheist Law Center, Humanist Institute for Cooperation with Developing Countries (HIVOS) and the International Humanist and Ethical Union to name a few that I have heard about.

    Not that there’s any need for atheists to concentrate solely on charities established and run by atheists as there are plenty of secular charities out there that don’t have any religious basis or ties and many of us donate to various charities that are backed by various religious groups if we feel they’re providing a needed service.

    I raised money during the last Blogathon for the Association for International Cancer Research. In short, your suggestion that atheists are not prone to donating to or engaging in acts of charity is unfounded.

  6. The biggest point here is that Les is doing good as he sees fit. No one is holding a gun to his head telling him he has to perform these duties or else he will burn for ever. To me, that is genuine kindness, who gives a shit if it’s Christian, Atheist, or even a Satanic organization for that matter?

  7. Lisa’s Rules of Life: 1-Be a good person.  2-Help out when you can.  3-Don’t be a dick. I think that about sums it up, religious or not.

    P.S. The guy in the article is a dick. See rule #3.

  8. Sounds like the same asshole mentality that leads to fistfights at little league games. 

    Life’s tough.  Wear a helmet.

  9. Hey Les,
      I like this point that you make about atheists being kind.  I actually did some research on how the churches spend their money, and some of it was shocking.  The church that I checked was a small chuch and even still it had over 200,000 USD under the label of discrestionary spending on their tax form!  Amazing the money that they have.  I wonder where they got it from, as most of their members didn’t seem that rich. Private donation? 
    I agree with Joe about the fact that it doesn’t matter what you believe in, as long as you are trying to help people.  I personally prefer if someone that I do not know comes and talks to me about ‘letting God free you’ because that way I can be a lot more blunt than I normally am. (Which is pretty blunt.) One more thing… I am adament about my beliefs of “if we didn’t care what other people’s religions are then we would be living in a lot more civilized world.  But I guess that may never happen.  Humans like to pry.  Human curosity I guess. 
    I also agree with Lisa, and feel that if everybody lived like that, the world would be good.  The only problem with said rules is who determines who is a dick.  Basically I try to follow those rules, although I have never really sat down and wrote them that way. 
    One more thing, for those who’s eyes are weary: I agree with Ragman, because it is mentalities like such that get people injured or killed.  Just the other day I was reading some articles on the internet and I found this one about a guy.  I will share the summary now. 
    Basically, this guy, back when he was a little kid watched his Little League coach and a parent get into a fight (verbal) over how much the kid played.  He decided to quit baseball that day.  Years later, he goes back to pick up a friend from a baseball game.  He gets out of his truck, and goes to the field.  He got caught in a fight between some players and spectators and get smacked upside the head with a baseball bat when the intended target ducked.  He died two days later. 
      What does that mean?  It would be interesting to know what everybody thinks.  Personally I think that even though he tried to leave the violence, it still took his life.  That shouldn’t happen, and the person who killed him (who has never turned up) should deserve to die.  He made the mistake, let him pay for it. 

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