LAPD captain busted selling bootleg DVDs.

Most amazing of all, the suspect is a 52 year old woman.

Police Captain Accused of Bootleg DVD Sales

Julie D. Nelson, a decorated patrol captain and a 28-year veteran of the Los Angeles Police Department, was arrested at the Hollywood station following a sting operation in which she allegedly sold counterfeit film titles such as “The Cat in the Hat” to undercover officers.

Authorities said they recovered hundreds of suspected bootleg DVDs from her home in Orange County and from a friend’s home in Torrance. Officials said they also recovered recording equipment at the home in Torrance.

“The message here is, it does not matter what rank you are. If you break the law, we will come after you,” said Assistant Chief Jim McDonnell at a news conference after the arrest.

No word yet on when she’ll be scheduled for her public flogging by Jack Valenti of the MPAA.

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  1. hotdeals_by_jani on ebay is selling botleg dvds from the middle east i know i got ripped off $200 by him and ebay wont do any thing about it


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