I’ve got Christmas loot!

Who’s a happy Stupid Evil Bastard?

I’m a happy stupid evil bastard!

Best of all, I woke up to a beautiful snowfall today. I was bummed last night as there was snow at my parent’s house, but none here at home when we returned. So to wake up to such a wonderful sight was really special. It makes the feeling complete.

Now, if you’ll pardon me, I’ve got me some video games I simply must play before heading to the in-laws for more celebratin’!

4 thoughts on “I’ve got Christmas loot!

  1. Did any of your celebration include singing happy birthday to Jesus?  OMG I was at my g/f relatives and this wako religious aunt had a cake for the kids… and they all sang happy birthday.

    Good score on the video games!  Santa put an XBOX Mod chip in my stocking, and Call of Duty! 

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