It’s over already?

Ah, it’s December 26th and Christmas has come and gone for another year.  I’m fortunate in that I don’t have to rush back to work immediately like some other poor bastards out there, but there was a time when I did so I sympathize. December 26th is always a bit of a sad day for me because I just got done with two of the best days of the year in terms of fun and warm fuzzies. It’s great getting together with all of the family and engaging in this annual celebration. New Years isn’t as big a deal for me as I’m not a big drinker nor do I tend to get invited to many parties. Usually, Anne, Courtney and me sit at home and do whatever and gather around midnight long enough to watch the ball drop and kiss and then we go to bed. Kinda boring really. This year we’re planning to go out to my brother’s place as his birthday is on the 31st and we’ve not been there for a birthday of his in ages.

In the meantime I’ll just have to play with all the phat lewt I got for Christmas. Finally tally after visiting the in-laws is as follows: Two Dilbert books and the movie Serendipity from my brother who thought Anne must have sneaked that movie onto my wish list (Anne hates the movie, I’m an old softie), a fruit basket from my Uncle Gene, the video games Splinter Cell, Max Payne 2, Jak II and Call of Duty along with the next two volumes of the anime Love Hina, the Love Hina Christmas Movie and the Trans-Siberian Orchestra Christmas DVD from Anne/Santa (who loves me very much), Courtney got me Final Fantasy X-2, sister-in-law Angela got me another Coca-Cola bear (a little one) that has become a bit of a tradition with her plus she got me two more Foxtrot comic strip collections, brother-in-law Aral got me the game Manhunt, which Anne wasn’t sure she wanted me to buy in the first place (thanks Aral), Mom and Dad-in-law got me Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time and a t-shirt from Hell, Michigan and finally sister and brother-in-law Amber and Paul got me a nice gift certificate to Best Buy, always a good thing.

Yeah, I’ve got plenty to keep me busy for awhile. Nazi shootin’, spy sneakin’, platform jumpin’, mystery solvin’, time controllin’, mayhem causin’ and plenty of TV viewin’. But best of all was all the fun eatin’ and blabbin’ we did for two days with my favorite people in the world. This was so much fun we should do it again next year too!

3 thoughts on “It’s over already?

  1. I can’t believe that I stop by here to check out my most favorite-ist bastard and find that he’s rubbin’ my nose in it!  Harrumph, I say to you, my good man!  Harrrummmphhh!!

    Oh, and glad to see you so much cool stuff!  Fun!

  2. Thanks. Though I’m sure the dial-up users are hatin’ me big time right now as that’s one huge animated gif I’ve got going there.

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