It’s beginning to look a lot like… an ulcer

I don’t need to ask if you have ever had one of THOSE days because I think it would be a very rare person that has not had at least one. Today was mine.

Where to begin…I guess that a good place would be the day that I cashed my severance check from EDS. One might think that this was a good thing I mean I did, I finally got to pay off my credit card debt and still had a little left to put in the bank. Of course I should have known that that odd cheerful feeling I was experiencing at being debt free for the first time in 19 years could only lead to disaster. How could receiving a severance check be a bad thing? Well, it has become a bone of contention between myself and my good buddy MARVIN (Michigan’s Automated Response Voice Interactive Network) or for those of you outside of Michigan, the Unemployment Commission.

When you cash a severance check (and this probably also applies to unused vacation if you are lucky enough to get paid for it) they look at that and say ” golly, you just received Excessive Compensation” which means that they stop sending you checks while they contact your former employer. At this point, I was informed by the nice young lady on the information hotline, they are running about four months behind in such matters. Four months without an unemployment check. Yeah, that sounds like a plan, just make sure to forward the checks to my parents place once this mess is cleaned up because I am probably going to be moving in with them when I can’t cover my rent.

It could be worse I mean I might have children, or a wife, or anything that makes a life worth living and I could get to watch the effects of destitution on them.

But wait, there’s more! I got a call from the Fraud Prevention department for my Visa card (you remember, the one that I finally paid off) and it seems that some prick decided to buy about $1500.00 worth of computer equipment from Dell and charge it to me. Hmmm, no I don’t think so. According to the young lady I spoke to in the Fraud Prevention department I will not be liable for the purchases but I suspect that I will somehow end up getting screwed, probably on my credit report. I had them close my account and decided to close every card in my possession but one, and then I wrote a letter to the Dell Corporate Offices not only to alert them but to see if I can get any information about the shipping address for that purchase. I doubt I will get anywhere with Dell, but I am really pissed of and need to do something to keep from feeling helpless.

My other credit card Fraud Prevention department called me not long after the first but luckily no unauthorized purchases were made with that card. That’s all I would have needed today is one more thing to push me over the edge. My neighbors are doing their best to set me off with all of the door slamming…deep breath. Let it out.

This entry was not meant to elicit your pity and is not a cry for help (not to anyone except the Unemployment Commission anyhow), but is just a chance for me to share what kinds of things that inevitably come along every year to screw up my X-mas holiday. It could have happened to anyone. It could have happened at any time. Unfortunately it happened to me a few weeks before X-mas 2003.

Bah humbug once again.

12 thoughts on “It’s beginning to look a lot like… an ulcer

  1. That is can.. happen to anyone at any time.. my big crazy tiem was last season where sucided made so much sense to be so high around the holidays.

  2. That sucks Les.  It’s the nature of bureaucracy to care more for rules than the pain of individual people. 

    Most of the time the “up to four months” stuff is just their way of covering their own ass.  On the other hand, if they completely F*&k up, and just forget about you entirely, there’s not really a lot you can do about it.  If they say 4 mos, don’t be surprised if it takes ‘em 2.  :doh:

    I suppose there’s a few things you could use your credit card for (they’d probably open a new account for you), but it’s kind of hard to make a mortgage payment on a Visa.:frown:

    In other words, don’t count on THEM to do the right thing.  Start thinking about how you’re going to cover your ass.  I hear that the economy is picking right up these days, so. . .

    there might be an opening for meaningful, fulfilling, gainful employment. . .

    at Walmart (blech!)

  3. Wait a minute!  whose initiating these posts!  Is that Eric!  Dude, you may be unemployed but at least you rate at SEB!

    Cold comfort maybe?

    Uh, my sympathetic comments stand—regardless.

  4. Wasn’t me. This entry was from Eric who hasn’t piped up on here lately. I’m going to have to re-arrange the Posted-By line so it’s a little more obvious. grin

    Eric, that totally sucks dude. You need a family to chill with for the holidays? You know we’d be more than happy to include you in the festivities if you want a change of pace.

  5. Hey, I hear you on the whole state of Michigan unemployement nonsense. I am still waiting to see my first check and it’s been one month since my claim went into redetermination. I was told at least 3 or 4 months before they would get around to it.

    I am very luck to have family and friends who have stepped up during this time to offer assistance. I wish the same for you.

  6. I won’t bore you with our various tales of woe in the frustration/credit card/joblessness departments, but we have been to all of them, and I totally, completely understand the insanity of your situation.
    Somehow, we are always going to be ok anyway.
    You will be too.

  7. I’m not feeling the holiday cheer myself. But Les wins the Big El Sucko for his tales of woe. Mine pale in comparison.

    Since the Holiday Ulcer of 1998, I’ve used a xmas account, skimmed a bit off each paycheck and socked it away for xmas. It sure helps when one’s credit cards are already screaming for mercy.

    Being a set amount of money, I ration it out to my recipient list in an Excel sheet, like a good little geek. When the money is gone, the shopping is over. Merry Frickin’ Bah Humbug.

    I might just have to go to the liquor store an buy myself a bottle of xmas cheer, whaddaya think? Mmmm, spiced cider (a la Captain Morgans). Les, I know you’re not much of a drinker, but I promise some spiced cider WILL make it all feel better…or at least knock you down with so much warm fuzzy you won’t care anymore. It’s cheaper than therapy. Tastes better, too.

  8. Once again, this particular tale of woe wasn’t me. It’s Eric and he deserves all the spiced cider he can get. grin

  9. Whoops. Sorry, guys. I just can’t get it through my head that a first entry isn’t always Les.

    Hey, Eric…for what it’s worth:
    crock pot (for big batch)
    1 part Captain Morgan’s
    4 parts apple cider
    Heat on low and pour into aesthetically pleasing vessle of your choice over a cinnamon stick. I use a champagne glass, but that’s just because it makes me feel all girly and civilized.

    All the effects of Nyquil with a much more festive taste.

  10. Okay, so just after I write this entry my wireless connection starts going in and out until eventually I was completely unable to stay online long enough to respond to any of you. Thanks for the commiseration and the recipe, unfortunately I really don’t like the taste of alcohol and drink only when I am in the mood to get smashed. Usually I don’t even keep alcohol in the apartment but oddly enough I happened to buy a fifth of Sambuca and a Fifth of Vodka for an anniversary I will be celebrating in February.

    Today I received a form from the BW&UC now telling me that I may be ineligible or disqualified from receiving further benefits. I may find myself drinking sooner than I think.

  11. Am I the only regular drinker around here? I can honestly say it’s “just a social thing”, but there is something going on every single weekend. No, really. I can’t remember the last weekend when we weren’t drinking on our dock, or at some social function.

    I just finished shopping for our xmas party this weekend. Two kegs, 6 bottles of wine, the aforementioned cider, and much liquor.

    Now I feel all weird and different. Apparently I drink like a frat boy…maybe with a bit more disposable income.

  12. No need to feel wierd. I used to drink when I was in the military but the problem is that I am a binge drinker and while I do not think that I am a mean drunk I am certainly an irritable one. After a case of alcohol poisoning one X-mas I decided to restrict my drinking and now only do it in times of great stress or depression. It’s not like I will feel worse.

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