I Robot Now website now online.

Looks like the folks behind the upcoming movie based loosely on Isaac Asimov’s I, Robot have a website up to promote the movie. Not that you could tell by looking at it that it’s for a movie as it’s designed to look like a promotional site for the upcoming introduction of personal robots. 

It’s very slick and very well done and has a definite air of authenticity about it that makes you realize that such a site may not be too far off in the future. When you consider that Honda’s Asimo and Sony’s Qrio are both pushing the envelope closer and closer to robots as they are commonly depicted in sci-fi the possibility that we could soon be signing up to purchase our very own plastic pal to help us around the house may be closer than you might think. Electronics and computers continue to advance at a breakneck pace and Sony just announced they’ve got a new version of Qrio that is the first robot that can run* like a human being. The trick was in figuring out how to get the robot to be able to have both feet off the ground at the same time which is necessary for running to be possible. Perhaps I’ll be able to buy a personal robot within my lifetime.

*OK, it’s more like jogging than running, but it’s still a major accomplishment.

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  1. A few years ago, some of us were looking to the new Spielberg completion of the Kubrick adaptation of the short story, “Cool toys last all summer long”  The film was A.I.

        While reading the credits, we noticed a credit for “Sentient Machine Therapist” and did a google search.  Thus was the beginning of one of the largest online games ever played by man and brought together the talents of molecular biologists, cryptographers, grad students in social/computer science and the study of memes, students teachers gamers…the list goes on.  The description of the site you found brings back fond memories of using Paint Shop to look into the cornea of a dead man and unlock his PDA and having my home phone ring with a voice on the other end warning me of my exploits…not to mention an ominous warning from my computer that I was “hacking” into places I shouldn’t have.  The “trail” is still online.  It makes for interesting reading for fans of online gaming, social scientists, and the simply curious.

    That one will scare the crap out of you…
    That one seemed too real for me.
    The main Cloudmakers site is…

    have fun!

  2. I saw the commercial in front of RoTK. The site is cool. I just hope they don’t screw up Asimov. He’s one of my favorite authors.

  3. I caught the same site by way of macslash.
    Way cool. once I figured out the URL scheme, I made all the options for my robots and saved the wallpapers
    I agree with Solonor - I really hope they do justice to Asimov.

  4. I too saw the commercial before RoTK.

    My friend and I were doing our standard “count the egregious commercials before the movie” bit.  We were up to 7 unrelated commercials (one for a local eye surgery clinic) when the preview for I, Robot appeared.

    At first, we were confused.  It blended in nicely, and was a nice surprize.

    If they screw it up, I’ll write the name of the director and producer, and shun them until I die.


  5. I think most of the world was actually devcieved by the commercial and though it was a real robot i hope soon though they really do master the art of building a robot that can do all they say the NS-5 can do but i also believe that the government should limit the use of robots in work places.

  6. http://www.PetitionOnline.com/Asimov31/petition.html

    BOYCOTT THE MOVIE! They have no right to name this movie after Asimov’s story. In the real story, the 3 laws work, and although the humans constantly worry about robot uprisings, the robots just make the world better for humans. After all, robots are based on logic, they have no reason to be power-hungry if they aren’t programmed to. The movie junks this main theme of the story and has the robots revolt, totally invalidating its claim on the same title.

    If you are a true science fiction fan, you won’t go see this horrible mockery of one the great Asimov’s best works. Also sign this petition. It doesn’t take long.


  7. I have to admit that the more I read about this movie the less impressed I am. I think it’s a shame it’s named after such a great book when it sounds like it has nothing to do with it.

  8. I went to the I Robot movie site after seeing the preview, because I am a huge Asimov fan.  I now believe that poor Isaac is convulsing in his grave.  The trailer shows robots attacking humans all over the place, and the synopsis states that the movie begins with the murder of Alfred Lanning!  What?? I was personally hoping for a well-done adaptation of one of the robot stories with Daneel and Bailey.  It looks like they took small bits and pieces of several stories and then mangled them horribly.  I am sick of my favorite authors being treated this way.

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