Have a Coke and a song.

Seems everyone and their brother is getting into the music download business:

Wired News: Coke Enters the Music Business

The soft drinks maker said that in January it will begin selling music downloads from a catalog of 250,000 songs supplied from each of the five major music labels.

The artists range from Eminem to Elvis, delivered through a partnership with OD2, a British music-download company. The companies did not announce the pricing plan for downloads.

The European market for legal music downloads, though small at the moment, has attracted intense interest from major media companies and retailers ranging from Virgin Megastores to Time Warner’s AOL unit. Still, the industry-sanctioned sites are running well behind the free file-sharing services run by Kazaa and iMesh.

Coke, which has huge brand appeal and a massive marketing budget, is expected to bring some much-needed publicity to the subscription download services.

For the moment, Coke appears to be limiting this service to the European market, but if it does well you can be pretty sure they’ll expand into other markets.

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