Geek Overload Alert! “Spiderman 2” trailer on the web.

It’s tiny as hell, but the first teaser-trailer for Spiderman 2 is up. It must be getting swamped as I’ve not been able to download more than a few seconds of it so far and that’s using my work connection to the web.

Update: Much bigger versions including full screen in Quicktime format are now available.

Found via Scott who says Doc Oc looks great and who found it via Solonor.

1 thought on “Geek Overload Alert! “Spiderman 2” trailer on the web.

  1. That trailer sucked! Two of the shots in the beginning looked like student film material, the close up of her lips at the kiss was one of them. The good thing is that most trailers suck so it doesn’t really say anything about the quality of the movie. I hope it kicks ass! spiderman has always been my favorite super hero since childhood and I was so happy with the first movie. I unfortunately lived through the crappy TV show. Still sends bad shivers down my spine.

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