Galactica soared.

Well it looks like most folks liked the remake of Battlestar Galactica as Sci Fi Wire is reporting that it achieved some impressive ratings numbers.

SCI FI Channel’s original miniseries Battlestar Galactica averaged a 3.5 rating (2.9 million households) in its Dec. 8 and 9 premiere, the biggest audience for any original miniseries on cable for the year. The four-hour miniseries also achieved SCI FI’s best ratings for 2003, the network reported.

The prime-time premiere of part two of Battlestar Galactica outperformed part one, with 3.8 rating (3.16 million households). The miniseries ranked third among the highest-rated original programs in the channel’s history, behind only Steven Spielberg Presents Taken and Frank Herbert’s Dune.

So perhaps they’ll turn it into a TV series after all. My wife would certainly be pleased if they did.

4 thoughts on “Galactica soared.

  1. Actually viewer numbers don’t reveal how appreciated the miniseries was. It just tells us that millions decided to check it out. With only two episodes broadcast, it would be hard for Sci Fi for get a true gage of whether it would be likely to succeed as an ongoing series.
    On the other hand, I forgot to watch it, but I liked it a lot. Know what I mean?
    As a former Nielsen family member, I’m proud to say I helped keep some of the worst excuses for programing alive to see another season.

  2. Well, the series couldn’t be any worse than the mini-series was.  It was truly painful to watch at points.  Not enough character development and many gaps in the plot.

  3. Well, I thought it was a decent story about a future version of Earth being destroyed.  I didn’t particularly think it was a terribly good story about an *alien* culture being destroyed, though.  Too much 20th and 21st century baggage, like suits, ties, flannel shirts, and the US Navy with its carriers, and too many current PC issues, and current TV melodrama conventions and cliches.  I enjoyed it in a distant way (although now I don’t even remember much about the story, or what most of the characters even looked like), but if any of the main characters had died, I wouldn’t have particularly cared.  I did like the new Baltar, though.  He and No. 6 stole the show.

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