Finally, it’s my turn.

We’re off in a few moments to go retrieve the kid from her aunt’s place out in Lake Orion and on the way home we’re going to make a detour to the theater so we can partake of a 2:00 PM viewing of Return of the King. You might have heard about it. It’s this fantasy film that seems to have all the young whippersnappers all in a tizzy these days. Beyond that, not a whole lot planned for the day.

Oh, and another thing: I may not have managed to figure out what sexual favors Buzz is engaging in to get so many people to buy him stuff off of his wishlist, but at least someone out there in blogsville loves me as I got a nifty Christmas card from Natalie of Pickle Juice fame. It was a really nice card too. Makes me wish I had done Christmas cards myself this year so I could scramble to send one back to her, but we didn’t have the extra cash for the postage this year. Next year, yeah, definitely next year.


Still, thanks to Natalie for the card as it was a big surprise I totally didn’t expect especially considering I’ve never given her my address… hmm….

8 thoughts on “Finally, it’s my turn.

  1. Smoke and mirrors, my friend.  Actually, that all dried up as quickly as it happened.  It was a strange phenomena,certainly.  Four gifts in five days.  Wow!  But since then?  Nuthin. 

    It was certainly great while it lasted, though. 

  2. Forget not having enough extra cash for postage.  I hate the USPS!!  I’m glad electronic payment methods are so common now; I currently mail zero of my monthly bills through the USPS.  Now it costs too damn much to do that; 37 cents to mail one measly letter?

    USPS FY03 In the Black 

    I dread going to the post office to mail packages.  The people behind the counter always seem mean.

    And what’s with the USPS people not wearing uniforms anymore?  What’s next?

  3. Hmm… not the clearest thought I’ve ever produced.  Seems like I missed a sentence in there.

  4. Buzz, you must have done something right to get that kind of attention, short-lived as it may have been.

    Brian, we do most of our bills electronically these days as well. Our local USPS office still seems like it’s run by decent enough people, but that may be because we don’t interact with them often enough to catch them in a bad mood.

  5. Muwhahahaha!  That’s my evil stalker laugh.  (Just kidding - I googled your phone number up there and got your addy.  I currently have a couple more things that were supposed to be sent out to you ages ago but as yet are still sitting on my couch.  Scared?  Ya should be!)

    Merry Christmas, ya old psycho!

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