Fan made trailer for “The Hobbit.”

With the last of the LoTR movies due to hit theaters in just over a week’s time there’s some rumbling about what might be next from director Peter Jackson. Many people have suggested, including the director himself, that perhaps his next project should be The Hobbit.

Now there’s a very well done fan generated teaser trailer that gives a hint of just what such an adaptation might be like.

Oh, and for the record, his next project will be a remake of King Kong.

Found via Boing Boing.

3 thoughts on “Fan made trailer for “The Hobbit.”

  1. Hey, Dragonslayer was released this October on DVD.  I used to have it on videodisc(CED).  Lost count of how many times I watched it.  Peter MacNicol does look like a hobbit peeking over his shield, though.

  2. I was totally excited when I found out they were going to make LOTR into movies, and I feel the same way about the Hobbit. I bet he can really make that book come to life. King Kong on the other hand, I’m sure he will be making that movie shine like never before, but I can’t wait for five years from now when THE HOBBIT makes it’s debut and Gary Colman’s career is rekindled.

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