Blog It Forward: Christmas edition.

Buzz is at it again with another Blog It Forward Day. The idea is a simple one; pick one or more people on your blogroll and give ‘em a little link lovin’ with a shout out to their site and why you like to read their blog. Seeing as I managed to miss the first two go-rounds because I didn’t read about it until the day after it took place and I keep promising to participate the next time it happens, well, I managed to catch it on the day it’s happening and so here’s my contribution to sharin’ the love.

Etherian’s Island – I enjoy this blog mainly because it’s so different from my own. Much more personal in nature and often a source of viewpoints I hadn’t considered on some issues.

Social Reject – Anyone who can’t see why I love this site hasn’t been hanging around SEB for very long. Jane’s got ‘tude and lots of it and isn’t afraid to share it. Her entries tend to be short and to the point unlike my rather lengthy ramblings and she curses more than I do.

Jinxed Minx – Minx is a close friend of mine in real life who doesn’t update her blog nearly as often as I’d like so maybe if I drive some traffic her way it’ll guilt trip her into writing more. When she does write it’s usually worth reading so check her site out.

Unscrewing the Inscrutable – This is another one of those blogs I keep meaning to read more regularly, but somehow keep forgetting to do so. Brent’s a fellow member of the Evil Atheist Conspiracy and often writes things I wish I had written. Good stuff.

Momma’s Corner – I have to mention my mother’s blog or she’ll beat the shit out of me later. OK, that’s not true. The truth is she’s much like the Minx in that she only writes occasionally, but usually has something interesting to say when she does. Plus she engages in random acts of senseless poetry from time to time. She loves hearing from folks who visit her site and is often willing to engage in poetry duels with others who are so inclined.

So there you have it. My first attempt at participating in Blog It Forward Day. Hopefully no one feels snubbed that I didn’t mention their site, but I gotta save something for next time.

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