Back in the driver’s seat once more.

The Auto Body shop called today to let me know they were finally finished with the repairs on my Grand Prix. Twenty-two days and over $8,000 in repairs later and she’s looking pretty good. Suspension feels a little stiff, but she seems to accelerate a lot better now so I suppose it’s a fair trade-off. Looking at her you’d hardly know she was so badly bashed up.

3 thoughts on “Back in the driver’s seat once more.

  1. The way I look at it if the extra time means they got it right and it won’t fall apart on me in the middle of rush hour then I don’t mind.

  2. Ahhhh.  I like the Grand Prixs (I have this feeling like I’ve made this post before).  She looks good Les.  I wonder if the stiffness in the suspension is just because they put in different shocks or something.

    Before I got my Accord (bought a ‘98 LX off my parents for 6.5K) My wife and I rented a Grand Prix for the drive home.  Very roomy, very comfortable and well appointed.  VERY powerful, especially in high end acceleration (theres nothing like passing a big rig at ninety, needing another thirty mph quickly, and having the car give it to you without complaining).  The wifey said I looked more comfortable and “natural” behind the wheel than she’d ever seen me in any other car.

    The only reason, really, that I got the Accord is because Japanese cars get good reviews for reliability.  But when I have a more permanent job, and a little more cash, I can totally see myself getting a Grand Prix.

    (Also, I didn’t miss manual shifting in the GP.  It’s pretty responsive for an automatic.  And automatics, I’ve learned, are great for when you’re driving in traffic.  No more of this feathering the clutch for twenty minutes as you inch toward the stoplight.)

    Glad you got your car back Les.  The only thing that pisses me off as much as not having my car working is not having my computer working.

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