Babylon 5 returning to TV?

According to this story over at Sci Fi Wire J. Michael Straczynski is tossing out hints about a possible new project set in the Babylon 5 universe.

“On the B5 front, there has been something of rather substantial proportion that’s finally gone from talk to money, such that I’m now working frantically to meet some deadlines,” Straczynski posted. “But there’s nothing I can say about this until after January 15th, probably closer to the end of that month.”

Straczynski added, “The only thing I can say is that phase one of the new project is a go, hence the furious writing schedule at this end of things, which is why I’ve been silent until deciding to kick up some dust on the political discussion. I’ve been writing my little brains out. I wouldn’t go on about something in this way if it wasn’t a significant development.”

I really enjoyed B5 though I was less thrilled with the couple of follow-up movies that came out after the series ended. Still, I’d love to see what new ideas he has in mind.

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