A multitude of USB powered devices.

Remember those USB powered light-up Christmas trees I posted about a while back? Well it turns out they’re merely the tip of the iceberg when it comes to USB powered devices that you wouldn’t initially consider hooking into your computer.

Most of these products are out of Japan where they take the love of gadgets to new extremes and where the rather tiny apartments some folks live in tends to make using your PC as a power source for various appliances a much more sensible proposition. Still, does the world really need a USB powered toothbrush? Or, for that matter, noodle strainer?

Found via Boing Boing which snatched it from Slashdot.

13 thoughts on “A multitude of USB powered devices.

  1. Well, not those items but that fan is mighty handy especially down here when it reaches 100 in the summertime. That would kick ass.

  2. There’s a Firewire hub known as Hubzilla out there that looks like a variant on Godzilla you can plug your fireware devices into.

  3. Oh, and I don’t know about a chair massager, but I have found at least two different types of “personal” massager powered by the USB port. A general use one and one for more… intimate uses.

  4. Oh my! I see it now, sitting at work and a coworker walks by, “What is with the USB cord coming from between you legs, ? You giving birth to a computer or just that happy to see me?” 

    Yep I think I will pass…

    The general massage isn’t bad but I suck at one handed typing, hmmm maybe I could be come rich from creating one… ****ponderance,ponderance ***

  5. I don’t know of any 4 port switches, but I do know of at least one 5 port Ethernet switch that can be powered by USB.

    It’s called the GreenHUB mini Switch from the folks at Clarinet Systems.

    PW-105 Mini 5-port SOHO Switch
    Environment-friendly device

    The GreenHub™ PW-105 Mini 5-port SOHO Switch is unique due to it’s small size and low power consumption. It can be powered by a USB cable from your PC, or through the regular power adapter included. With it’s small size, the unit can be located unobtrusively on top of your desk making connection and disconnection easier and more convenient. Using a USB cable to power the unit from your PC saves you one power extension plug as well as reducing overall energy consumption. Low power consumption of no more than 4 watts makes the PW-105 an environment-friendly device.


    Mini size
    Can be powered from PC’s USB port
    Low power consumption – environment-friendly

    I have no idea where you can buy one of these online, but they do have a listing of brick and mortar stores around the world you could possibly pick one up from. I also don’t know if anyone else is making a switch that can be powered by USB, but I wouldn’t be surprised. I’d especially expect to see such things available in Japan where they seem to be hooking everything up to USB.

  6. hi

    do you know of USB powered pumps -e.g. like the type you’d use to inflate a ball or similar


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