A little more festive.

I’ve updated my pic to be a little more festive. Not exactly the big new layout I had originally planned on, but at least it’s something. It seems to fit in with the tag-line pretty good too.

12 thoughts on “A little more festive.

  1. Damn dude!  I thought you were going to be the scary one in my entourage!  You look way too friendly in that freakin hat!  Hell, I might even call you “jolly” looking!

    Great!  Now who’s gonna scare away all of those autograph hounds!?

  2. Friendly? I’m not exactly sure my nephews and nieces would want to sit on your lap. Especially if you look at them like that. What the hell is on your mind Santa? Maybe when Hollywood makes the sequel to or copycats “Bad Santa” they could do “Stupid Evil Santa.”

  3. I love the expression and one raised eyebrow

    “Have you been a bad girl?  Does Santa get to put you on his naughty list?” 

    It needs that caption


  4. I am like so green with envy. I don’t have a picture of me on my blog with a santa hat!!!  I don’t even have a picture of a Santa Hat, or a tree, or a reindeer, or some presents, or nothin’.  Boy talk about your under privileged—that’s me!  Tears are running down my chest and I’m sobbing like there is no tomorrow.

  5. Geez Ma, if you’d wanted something like that you just had to ask. Keep this crap up and I’ll teach you HTML so you can do it yourself!

    *cough*… yeah, right.

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