200 EQ players take 4 hours to kill the unkillable.

Never let it be said that video gamers are a lazy lot with no motivation. Seems around 200 EverQuest players got together and laid the smack down on a monster in the game that is supposed to be unkillable.

The monster, named Kerafyrm, was supposed to be unkillable because it has on the order of a hundred billion hitpoints. Gods in EQ have “only” around one to two million hitpoints so this should give you some idea of how ridiculous of an accomplishment this actually is and why you should never underestimate the power of geeks in large numbers with nothing else better to do with their time. All told it took around four hours to accomplish which is a lot faster than I would have assumed possible.

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4 thoughts on “200 EQ players take 4 hours to kill the unkillable.

  1. Ok you are just making my EQ withdrawl worse then ever!! I haven’t played in 8 months and been dying to play again but my cd is broke so I can not reinstall it 🙁  So I am struggling on gettign back on EQ or end up going and chekcing out EQ2……..

  2. Cool!  /sigh Now I miss EQ too.  I’m gonna bide my time until EQ2, SWG is just not cutting it.  Maybe I’ll reinstall DAoC.

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