Haven’t posted much in the past few days and the main page is running short of entries as a result. Suppose I should get back to yammering away about something, eh? Sorry about that, been resting and trying to work out the remaining few aches from the car accident. I should be hearing on Monday whether the car will be totaled or not. Got a hold of the insurance company on Friday and they jumped right into getting it towed to a local body shop and getting work started on it. Turns out I only have a $200 deductible, can’t complain about that.

Beyond that, though, I’ve not been doing much. Special Guest Bastard Eric came over yesterday and hung out with us for most of the day. Spent most of the day chatting and watching whatever the hell was on TV at the time. Had a nice dinner out at a local Mom and Pop restaurant called Zack’s in which all three of us ate too much and then went to Best Buy so Eric could buy himself a new DVD/VCR combo player and I could pick up a gift for Anne’s Mom whose B’Day was yesterday. Anne and I’ll be heading over there today for the party. Courtney’s already over there. So the weekend has been busy in a non-productive way, but enjoyable.

1 thought on “Whoops!

  1. OK, I’ve totally missed something along the way here—you were in a car accident??  Oh man!  I’m sorry, Les!  Thank goodness you’re okay!  I suppose I should do some more reading on down the page, eh?  I’ll probably find something about it down there.  Take care of yourself! (that’s an order, in case you didn’t know *giggle*)

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