We’re back.

Despite the rather dreary weather this weekend our trip to Otisville was pleasant enough. Dad made a beef and noodle stew for dinner last night that was quite tasty and he and I spent some time discussing whether he should go with Charter cable for his high speed Internet or with a new wireless service available in his area from the folks at SpeedNet. Where to put the modem and router in the house and whether to go with a wireless setup for his network or try to run Ethernet through the walls.

My side of the family has been drawing names for the adult gift exchanges at Christmas for the past several years to try and keep expenses down for the holiday so we took care of that while we were there. This year’s spending limit is $25 which should allow for a decent gift.

Sat around last night and watched Finding Nemo and Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle. Mom loved Nemo, but thought Angels was ridiculous (which it was). Managed a decent enough sleep on the futon, though I still woke up a bit sore. Had a nice big breakfast this morning and left around 2:30 in the afternoon. Stopped at Fazoli’s for an early dinner and are once again safely home.

Whooeee! We sure are exciting, ain’t we? grin

3 thoughts on “We’re back.

  1. Waaaah!  I’m jealous.  We don’t have Fazoli’s here in the great inland northwest.  I miss it.  *snif*

    I’ll be pouting in the corner if you need me.  ;o)

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