Weekend road trip!

We’re headed up into the wilds of Otisville once again to visit with Mom and Dad for a little pre-Thanksgiving get together. This year we’ll be headed out to my in-law’s place for Thanksgiving as we continue the cycle back and forth each year.

Thinking back on my childhood I seem to recall that we spent a lot of Thanksgivings at my grandparent’s from my mother’s side of the family. The Jenkins side lived in North Carolina and my grandmother died while I was still relatively young and I never knew my grandfather from that side of the family. My (step) Dad’s family we visited only rarely for reasons I’m not entirely clear on, so any Thanksgivings away from home were with my mother’s parents. In many ways it’s like I grew up with only one set of grandparents whereas Courtney has had up to four sets for awhile; she’s down to three sets now.

Not really sure I had a point with this, other than we’re headed up north for an overnight visit, but I got stuck in a sort of morning reminiscence mode.

2 thoughts on “Weekend road trip!

  1. Safe travels! Luckily this year is our stay home for the holiday years. My hubsand and I rotate the holidays one year thanksgiving at my fmaily christmas at his the next year switch and then the third year we just stay home. Thank goodness for stay home time!

    Well excuse my ramble. May your travels be safe and joyful.

  2. Being a child of divorce, I have to say that even though the whole divorced parents deal blew big time overall, it was pretty sweet come Christmas.  For me, it was like having twice the holiday.

    One of my cousins had divorced grandparents who competed with each other to give the “best” present at Christmas. 

    We have a good deal for Christmas.  Since having our daughter, my wife’s family comes to our house for Christmas.  Easier than heading down there with the kid.  Thanksgiving is our rotating travel holiday, but we managed to stay home for this year’s.

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