Virtual Paper Snowflakes.

Remember making paper snowflakes back in elementary school? You know, where you take a piece of paper and fold it over a couple of times until it’s a triangle and then you snip the living hell out of it with those stupid safety scissors that couldn’t cut through a wet paper bag, let alone construction paper, until it looked like a bad bit of swiss cheese and when you opened it up it looked like a snowflake? Or at least the other kid’s snowflakes did. Mine always seemed to look like some weird genetic experiment gone horribly wrong.

Well now you can make snowflakes online using the Make-a-Flake snowflake maker. Not only does the site provide you with a virtual bit of paper and a virtual pair of safety scissors (that are waaay more effective than their real-life counterparts), but you can save your designs when you’re done and browse what other people have created as well. Just a little something to help get us all into the spirit of the upcoming season.

Found via the Big Pink Cookie (who probably doesn’t realize I still read her site regularly).

4 thoughts on “Virtual Paper Snowflakes.

  1. Ha that was fun… ok so the first one I attempted to make I accidently over cut to where there was only a little piece left… but I did end up make a nice one it is #482652 … or any by the name of Wyllow or Hawq… I am looking foward to making more! I love snow!

    Let it snow- let it snow- let it snow!

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