USB powered light-up Christmas Trees

USB Christmas TreeI so want one of these USB Christmas Tree Lights. If for no other reason than it’d annoy the hell out of Rob at work.

Here is the coolest way to decorate your desktop for the holidays.

The new USB Christmas Tree Light will add the Christmas spirit to any PC, Macintosh or notebook computer with a built in USB port.

The USB Christmas Tree Light changes color every second, displaying six different vivid neon glow colors: Red, Fuchsia, Green, Blue, Pink and White.

The USB Christmas Tree connects to the USB port of any computer and has a 4 Candy Cane striped red and white cable connector.
The USB Christmas Tree is available exclusively at

Just one more thing to send the PC Support guy into conniptions.

7 thoughts on “USB powered light-up Christmas Trees

  1. Maybe if I get one of those, the people at work will stop calling me a grinch.  I mean, seriously, is it so wrong that I refuse to listen to Christmas music before Thanksgiving???

  2. Your 3 year old has his/her own computer? (This is where I’m greatly tempted to use one of those Smiley Face God icons.)

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