Turkey in a truck.

Take one very big truck, one dumbass… er… turkey behind the wheel and a video camera and you have a recipe for video clips such as this one.

5 thoughts on “Turkey in a truck.

  1. Damn!  So close to a Darwin award, and then he freakin jumped!  Commit mother$*(^r! Commit!

    Oh well.  Maybe next time.  And don’t tell me that guy’s not going to try it again, ‘cause you KNOW he will.

    :lmao: :point:

  2. A friend of mine was in the parking lot one day, after a heavy snowfall.

    One of his co-workers drove into the parking lot, and said “Hey watch my new truck in action!” He then drove at high speed towards a light pole with a cement base, slammed on his brakes, slid forward into the pole, and did considerable damage to the vehicle.

    My friend walked up to him and said “That is the absolutely stupidest thing I’ve ever seen. What were you thinking?”

    His co-worker, stunned, said “But I have 4-wheel drive. It should have stopped!”

    My friend pointed out that 4-wheel drive gives you directional control, and that anti-lock brakes would help you stop quickly in snow—and that in any case, he was a dumb ass.

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