Tragedy strikes at the Jenkins Household!

It has served me well!
I think my optical mouse is dieing!

My left mouse button only clicks once out of every three or four times I click it!

This is my all-time favorite mouse that has gotten me through hour after hour of Nazi killing and world conquering! I just noticed that I’ve actually worn a spot into the left mouse button from all the use. What am I going to do? How will I compete? One day it was clicking along just fine, click-click-clickity-clickity-click, and the next it’s gasping for breath and sputtering!

Not only does this suck for gaming, but it hasn’t made using it for anything else all that much fun either. You don’t realize just how much you use that left mouse button until you CAN’T SCROLL YOUR FRIGGIN WINDOWS! Or CLICK ON STUFF TO OPEN IT! AIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!My new best friend!

Do you think they have an emergency room for broken computer mice?

Update: I now have a new Logitech optical mouse to replace my old one as can be seen in the new pic on the right there. I’m not sure I like it as much as my old one, but at least it’s still got quite a bit of blue color. It feels a bit smaller in my hand and my fingertips clip the edges when I press the buttons, but it does have a nifty new “task switcher” button in the middle for jumping from one open program to another which I’ll probably never use.

I also looked at the wireless optical Logitech had to offer and it felt a lot better with none of the problems this one has other than it was $15 more expensive and the one box they had looked as though it had been opened and messed with so I went for the cheaper one instead. The old mouse outlasted three PCs so it’ll be interesting to see how long this one lasts. At least it should tide me over until I can buy this keyboard and mouse combo from Thermaltake.

6 thoughts on “Tragedy strikes at the Jenkins Household!

  1. Eck. And I though Logitech mice were practically indestructable…

    My current Logitech Pilot Mouse Optical (like yours but a more boring colour) managed to outlive the PC it was bought for. That said, I think they’re only $30 US so replacing it shouldn’t be difficult. You’ll just have to suffer gaming withdrawal symptons for a day or two smile.

  2. Now come on. We all like the interweb and stuff but if you have actually worn a groove in your mouse button from use, maybe you should get a bike instead of a new mouse?

  3. No maybes about it, I should get a new bike except that A) winter is upon us and B) I have no where to store a bike.

    I do plan to get a bike once we get a house, but today I went out and bought a new mouse instead.

  4. It’s a good thing that wireless box had been tampered with.  Every one I’ve heard of seems to want to eat up batteries worse than those “batteries not included” toys one always seemed to get for Christmas, and always wanted to play with, if only there were fresh batteries in the house….  AAARRRGGHH!!!  Wouldn’t do to have your mouse die in the middle of a gaming bloodbath, now would it?

  5. Stay away from wirless mice.  They’re better now than even just a year ago, but still unacceptable for gaming use.  They’re much heavier than a wired mouse (even heavier than old non-optical mice).  Also, there’s a bit of “mouse lag” as the mouse transmits your movements to the base, and the base encodes them onto a USB bus.  And as stated, they tend to chew through batteries—especially the optical ones, which need to run that super-bright LED all the time).  Wireless mice: a solution in search of a problem.

    On another note, one of Daryl’s minor neuroses is life is that, when I find a mouse I really like, I buy 2 or 3 extra ones.  Because I’m very particular about mice, and I need a lifetime supply, lest they stop producing “my” model.  It’s all about how well it fits in my hand.  In fact, at the moment, I use the same mouse you wore out, or one very simlar—mine is black.

    Charles Schultz actually did the same thing when they stopped making his favorite pen—he bought up the entire remaining stock.

  6. Yep, I like that plain and simple scroll wheel optical logitech.  The MS Explorer mouse is just too damn big. 

    I’ve been using this sucker for about two years now, and I love it.  Occasionally if I lose contact with the matt, I’ll end up looking at the ceiling and spinning wildly in circles, but most of the time this guy is just awesome.

    And I don’t EVER have to clean it!  Whee!

    (Unreal Tournamet 2003 is my favorite game.)

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