The Opus interview.

I loved Bloom County back in the day so I was very pleased to hear that at least part of it would be returning in the form of a new Sunday-only strip called Opus. MSNBC managed to snag an interview with the titular character on his return to the comics page.

The Opus interview

MSNBC: Opus, what have you been doing since your last stint in the comics?

    Opus: Ive done three childrenҒs books with Berke (Breathed) and Bill (the Cat). And a Christmas TV special, A Wish for Wings That WorkӔ: I was in a studio full of fake snow for so long I thought Id gone home to Antarctica after Global Warming. Now, Berke wants to do a movie, but this time IҒm insisting on location work in Spain.

    MSNBC: So you havent spent all your time in the dandelion patch?

    Opus: Those rumors about my dandelion addiction are nothing but media confabulation! I own my own meadow now, and I always find time to enjoy it, but I havenҒt snorted a dandelion since 88.

It’s an amusing read. Go check it out.

2 thoughts on “The Opus interview.

  1. I don’t get the local paper so I haven’t seen it yet. Don’t know of anyplace online to view it as of yet either. Guess I’ll have to bum a paper off the neighbors. grin

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