Some more smilies.

I’ve added some new smilies to the site. Check the key available under the comment entry box for a full listing.

:dead: :disbelief: šŸ˜„ :lick: :bleh: :chuckle: :nod: :omg: :tree: :point: :paperbag: :pout: :rubeyes: :love:

9 thoughts on “Some more smilies.

  1. Gone soft? Naw, I’ve had smilies on here for awhile. The truth is most of the above have been on the server since I first set things up, but I never bothered to add them. Figured it was time to do so and I wanted to have a little Christmas tree to play with for the upcoming holiday.


  2. Not bad, but this one from the Lost Temple owns them all:


    By the way, you never stop by anymore.  šŸ™

  3. But, Les! Sure, they’re cute….I just want my SEB to remain all hard and unyielding.

    Eh. Cute ain’t so bad. Just have to give you shit to let you know I still care.

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