Some good comes from one kid’s stupidity.

Remember the kid who challenged his friends to hit him in the head with a skateboard and died from his injuries that I wrote about awhile back? Not too bright, but at least some good is coming out of his lack of judgment as some of his organs are saving the life of a young girl he never met.

STLtoday – News – St. Louis City / County

Michael C. Aubuchon, gone at 15, had his heart and lungs donated to a sick young girl he never knew but who lived just five minutes away. They even shared the same birthday.

Let’s hope she puts them to good use and has better judgment than the guy she received them from.

1 thought on “Some good comes from one kid’s stupidity.

  1. Okay, I am the sister of the boy who died and gave his organs to the young girl. One point that needs to be known is that the boy who hit my brother was NOT his friend. My brother met him the day before. I want to say that yes, I am sure my brother did say that it didn’t hurt when hitting himself and he “dared” that kid. I know full well that knowing my brother for almost 16 yrs, he was fully JOKING and anyone in their right mind would know that. I don’t want people saying that my brother was stupid because he was a great, fun, and goffy person. SO please don’t do this to my brother’s name.

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