Perhaps an apology is in order.

Can’t help but notice that I’ve not been as active entry-wise lately and certainly not with anything of any major substance for awhile now. I’d like to claim it’s due to being so busy with all the millions of dollars I won recently that I haven’t had time to write much, but that would be a lie. Truth is I’ve mainly been wasting my time playing Medal of Honor once I get home from work and I’ve actually been somewhat busy at work trying to do something that resembles, well, work.

I’ve been in somewhat of an off mood as well in part due to life just being overly stressful for the past few weeks. I’ve been trying to come up with something interesting to write about, but can’t get myself to focus. I can’t even think of anything remotely entertaining about my life to write about. So, my apologies that the site has kinda sucked recently. I’ll try to shake the funk I’m in and get back to being more interesting before too much longer.

10 thoughts on “Perhaps an apology is in order.

  1. Les, I can certainly relate to what you’re saying; I, too, have been having the same blah feelings and inability to focus.  One thing to remember, though, is that the fastest, most sure-fire way to becoming burned-out with blogging is to take on the role of “entertainer”.  This is your blog and you are entitled to write about whatever you want to, or don’t want to. Do it for yourself.  If you do that, then it becomes something you enjoy and look forward to, not something you dread or feel pressured to do.  I guarantee ya’ that we’ll all still come around. smile

    Take care.

  2. Maybe it’s SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder)…Winter Blues.

    I know after the time change, the cool weather, and Halloween, I have to fight the funk very very hard. Add a little stress (gee, like a car wreck) and it would be even harder to fight.

    I don’t fully feel like myself again until April.

  3. Hey, I’m not as prolific as often as I’ve been. Being out of work has made me busier than ever, which I didn’t expect…

  4. Great stories and content – thanks…
    Medal of Honor is a good excuse. I played the first, second-Underground, Medal of Honor Front Line, and am looking forward to Rising Sun… These games consume you since they are so much fun to play – who needs a life anyway? Live and Veg in virtual reality.

  5. I agree with Leigh here, don’t apologize for anything Les!  If anything it’s the rest of us who need to be thanking you for giving us things to think, laugh, and talk about, and allowing us to post our ideas on this site.  So THANK YOU!!!  I, at least, am enjoying and appreciating all your efforts.  Besides, this gives us newbies a chance to catch up on all the past action 😀

  6. BTW, thanks for the kind comments everyone. Rest assured that I won’t keep doing this if it turns into a chore. I was just feeling a little bad because I’ve wanted to put up new stuff lately, but just couldn’t seem to get anything out worth posting.

  7. Must be me too then Les, I must admit to being a lurker lately, just can’t seem to motivate myself to comment.

    It’s still a great site though!!!

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