Ooooo! First snowfall of the season!

Here it is almost four in the morning and I’m still awake. Just looked outside and saw that there’s snow on the ground. It was snowing earlier in the day, but it wasn’t sticking. This is the first bit we’ve had that has stuck long enough to start to look like winter. It’s not enough to completely hide the grass yet, but it still looks nice. I’ve always found nighttime snowfalls to be wonderful things and this helps put me in the holiday spirit.

OK, enough snow gazing. Time to try and get some sleep…

UPDATE: Yes, I do remember that I have a new digital camera and, yes, I did think to take some pics of the snowfall last night. I made this entry from the laptop and didn’t have the software in place to download the pics to the laptop so I had to wait until now to get the pics onto my computer so I could upload them. So, for the two or three of you who asked here’s a couple of pics of last night’s snowfall. Click them for bigger versions.

11 thoughts on “Ooooo! First snowfall of the season!

  1. Ahh, snow…  We don’t get much of that down here in Texas, but it is a wonderful thing.  And there’s nothing wrong with being up at 4 in the morning.  It’s nearly 6AM now and I’ve been up all night gaming at my with my friends.

  2. Actually I did take some pics. I just didn’t get around to downloading them until just now. I’ve attached one to this entry so folks can see it. It’s not much to look at, but what they hey.

  3. Actually, that looks pretty Christmasy.  I like the way those trees look with the snow all over ‘em.

    We got our first foot and a 1/2 last week, out here in Pullman WA, and I’ve never been more grateful for studded tires and sno-melt.  It’s almost all melted off by now, though, and the daytime temp is up to 40.  I hope it’s still like this when I have to drive home to CA over break.  It’s already a stressful drive without having to worry about ice for the first five hours of it.

    I can’t wait to get out of Pullman.  My wife’s been looking at the housing prices in Maricopa county AZ, and I am so hoping to score a job there once I leave Pullman.  The weather is temperate, and a lot of the houses are big, under 200K, and come with swimming pools.  If I can’t find a decent job at some community college I’m thinking about just getting my teaching credential.  I’d have a lot more choices of where to live if I go that route.

  4. Michigan as a whole does pretty well snow-wise and the upper areas of the state do count on decent snow for tourism purposes. Snowmobiling, skiing and other such activities tend to be popular reasons for folks to head north here. Most areas get more than enough lake-effect snow though the south-eastern area that I live in tends to be the one area of the state where snow is less common. Cincinnati tends to get more snow that south-eastern Michigan does. We’re just far enough over to avoid most of the lake-effect snow.

    All of last night’s snowfall was gone by the time I woke up today. We don’t usually start to get really decent snowfalls around here until mid-December. Whereas when I spoke with my folks up in Otisville yesterday they had already gotten an inch and a half though I don’t know if it stuck around. Some years are worse than others, but Michigan does alright snow-wise.

  5. ahhh snow, we had ours the weekend before last, and it’s actually gone this week, forty’s can do that.

    my daughter in her infinite wisdom, decided that maybe that would be all, and now we’ll just have a long summer, ha ha ha, not a chance in MN, kid.

  6. Thanks for uploading the pictures Les. I do believe I am a little jealous…down here in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia we hardly get any snow, and since I grew up in MA, well I miss snow!

  7. Here in Northeast Ohio we had between 1-2 inches the Saturday night after Thanksgiving, I had the fortune to slide :sweat: home through it about midnight, when it was about as deep as what Les had.  Then I wake up to find out we got dumped on while I was asleep, unfortunately I was still being hammered by a killer cold :cough: so I decided it would be best to stay in.  A week before that though we had a day where it stormed all day and dumped about an inch, unfortunately it was near 60 the next day :-X

    Now I guess were in for the first BIG ONE of the season, 20 days ahead of last year!  I woke up at 6 this morning to the radio announcers proclaiming a declared “snow emergency” with 6-9 inches expected by tomorrow.  I must say I was quite surprised to find everyone on the roads using caution on my way to work this morning.  But I about had a seizure when I saw the weather radar!  We have about an inch and a half now, as the storm is showing no signs of letting up.  I hope it does, at least for an hour, I need to stop and buy film on the way home, there’s no way I’m going to pass up on the photo opportunities tomorrow morning is bound to hold!

    And all I hear around here are whiners complaining how much they hate the weather 😥  Fine, GO AWAY I say, let me enjoy it in peace!

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