News goes nuts over Michael Jackson’s arrest.

You’d almost think nothing else happened news-wise yesterday with the way the news media seems to be short stroking themselves all over the place about MJ’s arrest yesterday.

Am I the only one who doesn’t really care if Michael Jackson has been arrested? One of his brothers has already phoned various news sources and claimed this is a modern-day lynching, which is just stupid. Most lynching victims don’t manage to walk away on bond after a couple of hours. Michael has been a non-event for years now and most of us haven’t missed him. If he’s guilty then put him away. If he’s not then let him sink back into obscurity, but don’t bother me with every single detail.

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  1. You may not give a crap but sorry, it’s going to be everything until they either lock him up or clear him. The sad things is, he is probably guilty. He is the perfect pedo. Big house full of toys and games, famous, no one ever questions him and if they do, he pays them off. If this were your regular everyday run of the mill dirty old man from down the street doing this crap, he would have been locked up ages ago.  I personally think it’s about time. We have all known in the back of our heads for years. It’s sad.

  2. I heard about this on the news. First off.. Who really gives a *beep*  about Whacko Jacko anymore? After catching snippets of His last TV interview, who in their right mind would let their kids hang out with him? The parents of the child should be publically stoned for letting their son hang out with Jackson. If MJ is guilty, the inmates will love him (alot). Kat is correct, it is going to be in the news for a while.

  3. What sickens me is that parents encourage their kids to hang out with Michael because he’s a big celebrity, then they complain that he did something inappropriate with the kid. Well duh,

  4. Just one more circus to help the news keep from reporting anything of substance. I honestly think that American News has just become 24 hour ‘look over there’ television.

  5. Gee, this was all over the fucking news last night, including the helicopters chasing his car in Vegas.

    Meanwhile, serious shit is happening in Turkey, Iraq, not to mention ENGLAND, for fucking crying out loud.

    Argh, this pisses the shit out of me.

  6. To their credit a couple of the CBS and ABC Sunday morning programs have sworn off of MJ coverage. Hopefully, they will stay on the wagon.

  7. I hope this DOES go to trial and that the truth finally comes out. The ONLY way the public will ever know for sure is thru a public trial. Y’know, the guy may actually have done it (or maybe not), but the press is NOT the place to try him.

    And if he does have personal issues as a sexual predator, I hope that he gets adequate psychological treatment for it. That doesn’t mean just locking him up and throwing away the key. In fact, I’m not even sure jail is the right place for such people. Instead, I believe a secure mental hospital/ward is more appropriate, where he’s kept away from potential victims while also getting the help he needs.

  8. Michael Jackson is an innocent man. If you don’t give a damn about him then stop dissing him. EVERYBODY JUST LEAVE HIM ALONE!!!!

  9. Mya should you trust your own child (or the one’s to come) in the hands of this man.

    Would you bet on your own children that he’s innocent? If so, what does that say about you.

    Personally I wouldn’t take any chances, not in a million years…

  10. For God’s sake, THAT family just got over on a mall security guard with a sexual abuse case to warm up for Jackson – smell the coffee? They were paid hundreds of thousands by the mall, so they expect must millions from Jackson!

  11. Media short stroking themselves indeed. Here is a recent post on Spin of the day.

    We’ve done our best to ignore the media’s latest feeding frenzy over singer Michael Jackson—until now, that is. The filing of nine felony counts against Jackson “was orchestrated by a Hollywood public relations company, Tellem Worldwide,” reports Tim Rutten. Tellem “is providing pro bono services to the Santa Barbara prosecutors. As special correspondent Linda Deutsch and reporter Tim Molloy of Associated Press reported last week, the company’s other clients include the Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon. The company will be handling all media inquiries during the case.” According to District Attorney Thomas Sneddon Jr., the unusually long interval between Jackson’s arrest and the formal filing of charges was necessary, “so that the county could set up a Web site to release information to hundreds of news organizations following the case.” Source: Concord (NH) Monitor, December 23, 2003

    The full text of Tim Rutten’s article, Trial by TV doesn’t serve justice, can be found on the Concord Online Monitor website.

    Is this reality TV or what?

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    I’ll rush right over and check it out.

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