New “Farscape” miniseries being developed.

According to the folks at IGN’s Film Force rumors of the return of Farscape to television airwaves are true, but not as a revival of the series.

FilmForce: Confirmed: Farscape Miniseries on the Way!

As IGN FilmForce reported back in July, a new Farscape project is finally on its way.  While an official announcement was postponed earlier this week, IGN FilmForce has learned that the production office in Australia has re-opened and work has begun on a new project.

The Henson company would not comment on the information but a source close to the production has confirmed that the new project will be a miniseries, not a new season as originally hoped for by the fans.  While no plot details are available, sources have also confirmed that the new project will be independent from the Sci-Fi Channel, the network that broadcast the series.  No information is currently available about just where the new miniseries will be appearing or when.

While not quite as good as news of a revival of the series would be, this should still give fans of the canceled series something to look forward to.

2 thoughts on “New “Farscape” miniseries being developed.

  1. It’s better than nothing. At least we’ll get a resolution to the cliffhanger ending.

    And who knows maybe if miniseries ratings/dvd sales prove popular we might a proper revival.

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