More LAN party goodness today.

Won’t be posting much in the way of updates today. Chris is having a pre-Thanksgiving Frag Fest starting around 3PM which I plan on attending. Nothing like getting together with 10 or 15 other people and blasting the hell out of each other for a few hours to get you warmed up for the holiday.

2 thoughts on “More LAN party goodness today.

  1. I miss participating in these since marriage and kids came along. We host a server for our friends and us to play on, but it’s not the same. My husband was never into it, but I loved it. Hope it was fun!

  2. I had a good time last night pretty much as I expected to. It was nice having a little bit of cash this time to take along some pop and chips with.

    If you guys have a basement you could always set up a LAN party down there. One of the things we’ll be looking at when we consider a house will be the possibility of having friends show up and game. At least you guys are hosting a server. I so wanna do that!

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