Internet is littered with dead websites. CNN thinks this is news.

I had to laugh out loud when I came across this on CNN this morning: – Internet littered with abandoned sites.

Well DUH.

The article goes on to describe various personal and political sites that for one reason or another haven’t been updated in years. The big revelation being that the people involved lost interest or are holding onto the site in hopes of getting around to updating it again in the future. It’s hard to imagine how anyone could use the world wide web on any semi-regular basis and not already be acutely aware of the amount of driftwood in the way of dead websites out there. This has been an issue since the dawn of web browsing and the first freely hosted websites. This is part of why Google is such an awesome search engine. In part because of how it ranks pages you can feel fairly confident that the first results returned for any given search won’t be sites that haven’t updated in two years unless there simply aren’t any other options available to present. Must be a slow news day for the folks at CNN.

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