“Hellboy” trailer hits the net.

The latest comic book-turned-movie is due to hit this spring. A trailer for HELLBOY is now up in Quicktime format. Looks pretty good considering I’ve never read the comic itself, though I’m told the comic is pretty good.

3 thoughts on ““Hellboy” trailer hits the net.

  1. Oh yeah! I forgot to mention that today. They had the Hellboy trailer in front of the preview of The Missing last night. It looks like it has potential.

  2. I got rooked.

    I didn’t get any trailers before the preview of The Missing, although I did get a hat.  smile

    Hellboy looks awesome though.  Ron Perlman was born to play him.  They only needed to paint his face red, he already looks the part.  lol

  3. The Hellboy comic is SO much better than the movie. I love the comic. The beginning and the end, and one part in the middle, of the movie annoyed the crap outta me cuz it doesn’t follow the comic at all… but I still generally liked it. The way Ron Perlman did Hellboy was awesome. He was probably the best choice.

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