Fun with blasphemy.

The Minx sent me a link to an entry by Michele over at A Small Victory which in turn linked to the Church Sign Generator which has proven to be way more amusing than it should have. Here are my contributions to the downfall of society:

Jesus Loves You Faith Is Believing We Speak To God

If you can read this… Religion It's What Keeps… WWJDFAKB?


6 thoughts on “Fun with blasphemy.

  1. Very funny, Les. WWJDFAKB? Hee hee. I would hope he wouldn’t agree to be crucified again. I already think the guy has a death wish as it is.

    Just to relate an odd event, when I ran Spell Check to see what it would suggest for WWJDFAKB. The first choice it gave me was “JAKOB”. The eighth was “Jacob”. Jacob was also known as James the Just, and he was Jesus’ brother. He was considered by his people to be the true Messiah. He was set to be crucified along with Jesus but his people asked for him to be spared.(Cue Twilight Zone theme)
    Do you believe in God NOW, Les? (jk)

  2. Dude, if being in an accident the other day that could’ve killed me doesn’t have me thinking God might exist then that little coincidence above ain’t going to do it. grin

  3. HAHA wow that is the best
    i wish we could see stuff
    like that more often.

    BTW who made the signs
    say that? I will almost
    Guerentee the church didnt
    do it intentionally…

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