Did Blogrolling.com get hacked?

I just took my blogroll off of the sidebar to the left because it was causing chaos with my layout under Mozilla. It also seems my blogroll has been changed so that all of my original entries have been replaced with 107 entries pointing to “Laura’s Blog” which I’ve never been to at a URL I don’t recognize. Anyone else have this happen to them? Or am I just special?

Update: Just stopped by the blog in question and it looks like I’m not the only one this has happened to. According to the blog itself it’s not the result of any action on their part and the woman who owns that blog is taking quite a bit of grief from people angry over what’s happened. Her husband is threatening to send abuse complaints to people who are sending Laura nasty emails and comments so it sounds like things are a bit touchy. If this has happened to you hold off on sending any nasty-grams until the folks at Blogrolling manage to work out what has happened and why.

Personally, this is another reason for me to dump blogrolling in favor of a different solution. Anyone know of any decent scripts that do more or less the same thing without relying on an outside server?

Updated update: According to Jason at Blogrolling it appears they were, indeed, the victim of a rather nasty hack. He’s restored the blogrolls from an off-site backup and is looking into what happened. He has about 3,000 emails to dig through so give him some time to investigate before sending him any more.

10 thoughts on “Did Blogrolling.com get hacked?

  1. I noticed this too and have just made the switch to using movable type itself to control the blogroll.

    what i did was set up another weblog and made the main entry template a very simplifed template that you just put the title, link and hover tag into.  hit submit and it shows up in my ‘blogoll’ which is included via php.

    you need php to do it tho, but it is local, fairly easy to update (especially with mt’s bookmarklet)  and very customizable.  the only disadvantage is no notification of updates weblogs.  i’d love a script for that part wink

    happy to see i wasn’t the only one affected by this, tho!

  2. Mine aren’t linking to one blog, but they seem locked and many say they we last updated a few days ago. Things seem to be a little awry.

    Hopefully they will get things fixed…

  3. You may not have got my e-mail yet, but I noticed the problem around 9am this morning. I usually use links on my blogroll to read certain sites in the morning on a daily basis. I used one of the links, then when I went to post an entry into my site, I noticed that the links were wonky.

    I’m glad that Jason has restored all the entries, however, I agree with you. I would like to have a script that does what Blogrolling does without using an external server. If not, I’m going to have to go back to editing the links by hand. Not exactly what I want to be doing, but it’s better than having something like that happen.

    If you hear of a script that does what Blogrolling does, please post about it here so we can all evaluate it. smile

  4. Ditto.  On GPs, I’d rather have control of this on my own system—except for having to go out and see who’s pinged whom to signal an update.  That’s the main reason I keep (and pay for) blogrolling.com.

  5. I am a little old school.  I keep my blogroll in plain html in my template.

    Of course, I lose the abilty to have an auto-pinger flag the recent updates.  But there you go.

    Ted K.

  6. That looks interesting, Lisa.  I’m going to hold off, on the moment, going that route.  If blogrolling.com continues to get hacked, or have frequent other problems, though …

  7. So far, from what I have seen on MySQLinks website, it looks exactly what I am looking for!

    I’m going to have to spend some time this week setting it up and see if it really is what I am looking for.

    I’d do something tonight, but the first days of this week are rather full. smile

  8. One alternative I’m looking at making use of is setting up a cron job to poll blo.gs directly once every couple of hours and then make use of the MT Blogroll plugin to import it into my template.

  9. After taking a look at the mySQLinks site I decided to give it a shot. I’ve got a test install in place and am already importing the mini-blogroll into the lefthand bar under the old blogroll. Works pretty good so far so once I get my links all converted I’ll remove the old blogroll and see how things go for awhile.

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