“Cat in the Hat” is taking a pounding from critics.

Was checking out reviews over at Rotten Tomatoes and noticed that Dr. Seuss’ The Cat in the Hat is not going over well with the movie critics.

Granted there’s only been 11 reviews so far, but of those 11 only one has been positive earning the film a 9% freshness rating as of this morning.  Reviewer’s comments range from a simple “Heinous” from Gregory Weinkauf of New Times to “A disastrously misconceived confection that should easily neuter a few childhood memories.” from Ed Gonzalez of Slant Magazine.

Ouch. Glad I wasn’t planning on seeing it anyway.

1 thought on ““Cat in the Hat” is taking a pounding from critics.

  1. After what they did to the grinch, I’m surprised they wanted to even try this again. These are classic stories that should be read not made into cheesy films.  I don’t think the cat lived in the bronx either. *reports have said meyers makes it sound like he’s from naw yawk*

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