Broadband is fixed.

Yay for me! I was starting to go through withdrawal…

Update: Well, it’s kinda fixed. Some sites are slow as hell for some reason and other sites will load halfway before freezing like a deer-caught-in-headlights. I’m going to give it a day or so before I call in to tech support again. Grrrr…..

1 thought on “Broadband is fixed.

  1. Try using The expensive gold ended Cable from your wall. You can get it at radio shack for about 25 bucks. I obtained broadband when they first released it and I was the only one in my apartment complex. I was getting 2000 kilobytes per second! Sometimes it would surge to 5000 in the mornings! Come to find out our complex had old cable wiring and it eventually fryed my cable modem. When they came to fix it they demanded that the whole complex be rewired to spec! After rewiring my speed slowed to 300 kbs? Go to radio shack and buy suggested cable and for 40 more buck buy a signal booster also. Will bump you to 700kbs

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