From the I-wish-I’d-thought-of-it-first department we bring you the wtfwjd t-shirt.

Found via Atrios.

5 thoughts on “WTFWJD?

  1. Oh my.  That shirt is awesome.  I’m with you, I so wish I had thought of that.  Oh, the dough you would rake in…

    P.S. This is my first post on here.  This site is totally awesome and I shall be back soon.

  2. chould be teh fact that i ahve just woken up and my brain dos’nt wnat to think right now but what dose it stand for smile?

  3. Well, I was assuming it stood for “What The Fuck Would Jesus Do?” Which just cracks me up every time I think about it. After checking out the blog for the person who came up with it I’m still pretty certain that’s what it means even though she does appear to be a Christian. Given her site I’d say she’s a pretty liberal Christian, but that’s OK in my book.

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