Those damned pesky WMDs.

So how much longer before all the pro-war “Iraq has WMDs and is a real danger” folks start eating their crow?

Iraqi arms hunt comes up empty

WASHINGTON—The head of a CIA team hunting for Iraqi weapons of mass destruction told Congress on Thursday that he had not found any stockpiles of the chemical or biological arms that President George W. Bush cited as the primary reason to invade Iraq in March.

David Kay, whose teams have been scouring Iraq and interviewing captured Iraqi officials for three months, also said specialists found no evidence Iraq’s nuclear-weapons program had progressed beyond “the very most rudimentary level.”

That program was cited by Bush, Vice President Dick Cheney and others as perhaps the most fearsome threat posed by ousted Iraqi President Saddam Hussein.

Naturally, the Bush administration isn’t owning up to anything just yet.

“I have not seen anything that leads me to believe that the intelligence that I relied on is necessarily, in the aggregate, inaccurate,” said Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld. “I believed it then. I believe it now.”

Of course Rumsfeld still believes it. Rumsfeld and his ilk are immune to reality. Wrong? I’m not wrong. We just haven’t found the weapons yet, but they’re there!

Granted, I suppose it’s still possible they might find something at some point, but you would think that if these stockpiles exist and are that well hidden that the folks loyal to Saddam who are killing American soldiers on a daily basis would make use of them instead of relying on guns and bombs to do their dirty work. How come they haven’t tried releasing some chemical or biological agents into the compounds and really doing some serious damage? I mean, they have all those hidden stockpiles, right?!?

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  1. Ooh, but they found remnants of a WMD program! Wow! Like we didn’t know it existed at one time.

    Bush sounded like the fucking idiot he is this morning on CNN.

  2. I heard they’re going to go back and look at those Iraqi truck trailers again. Like maybe they’d missed something, or the super-secret cloaking ray has been turned off so they can see all the WMDs in there…

  3. They seek him here, they seek him there…that demned ellusive Pimpernel.

    I couldn’t quite remember all of it.

  4. I read the news about the report today, and I stopped to think: What will it take to make anyone belive Iraq was innocent? How much evidence must there be on the table for people to belive they *didn’t* have any WMD? Will that ever happen…? Because they can’t really admit to that ever, can they?

    But what made me just as concerned is the fact that two traditional high protectors of democracy – The US and the UK – both obviously have lied about much – and faked some facts. A democracy is about representing the people. It shouldn’t be to lead the population behind the light and try to sell an idea that doesn’t represent the truth. Who does that represent? The people that want to harm others but without valid reason? Isnt that the people we lock up, call criminels, and view as the biggest pain to any free society?

    And what does it mean for democracy? It seems that for all practical means, swapping the president every 4 years doesnt make it less of a dicatorship than any banana republic. The man at top gets what he wants, and gets away with what he wants. Even when Clinton lies under oath. Or when Bush and Blair bombs some foreighn country.

    You’ll never hear them say “Opps we did a booboo”.

  5. After your trips to America I thought you would have gotten it by now…we are NOT a Democracy anymore (if we ever were one) we are a Capitalist Hegemony. The rich run the country through their puppet dictators (or worse yet their bumbling progeny)and we all march along dispiritedly like the good little worker slaves we are. Sure we can all speak our minds and rant and rave because they know that at our core we are apathetic about “fairness” as long as we keep getting that diminishing little paycheck. Democracy the grand ideal died in this country long ago, democracy the tee shirt logo and the stump speech rhetoric is alive and well however.

    I would pin my hopes on Canada if you hope to see Democracy survive.

  6. swapping the president every 4 years doesnt make it less of a dicatorship than any banana republic.

    As an immigrant to the USA, I knew somthing of thgere actions and how they were percieved before I arrived…

    O.E.D. states:
    demos + cratia
    The people, masses + rule, authority, sway

    Perhaps instead of focusing on a historical fact, we had best decide what to do in 2004?
    what is going to happen? What then must we do?

  7. I think it highly unlikely that either Bush or Blair will serve another term, there are ripples under the surface showing that they have served their usefulness and will be ousted soon.

    What is more important is not getting rid of Bush and Blair, but getting them replaced by someone not from the same mould.

  8. I just don’t understand the surprise here.  When Powell addressed the U.N., all he had was empty cannisters and blurry photos (not to mention a lot of hypothetical “What If’s”).  He didn’t make his case that there were any WMD’s back then.

    Lame-ass supporters of Bush will skip this WMD issue and justify “liberating Iraq”… yeah, don’t they just look all grateful for our intervention? And why aren’t we liberating other countries with dictators far worse than Saddam?

    The Bush Administration will be remembered for only one thing in history… taking a scared and traumatized nation and twisting things to suit thier agenda. Thank God the American people are finally opening thier eyes to all the bullshit.

    For me, election day can’t come soon enough.

  9. Couldnt agree more with Eric Paulsen, about the Capitalist Hegemony, its just a shame that more people cant see through the retoric spouted by goverments to keep the people in check and working away like the good little slaves they are….

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