I’ve just had my first sip of “Tang” in at least 22 years. It still tastes not quite entirely just like orange juice doesn’t, which is a good trick if you can do it. I drank gallons of this stuff as a kid and I can’t recall ever liking it. I certainly don’t like it now, but I’m desperate. It’s the eve before payday and when you get paid once a month this day can be a very desperate occasion. The only things left to drink in the apartment at this point are water, “Tang” and milk and I’m saving the milk for breakfast.

There are some other “Crystal Delight” drink mixes in the cupboard, but I’d have to search for a clean pitcher and none of the flavors is worth the effort at the moment because I’m feeling lazy. I haven’t had any diet pop in the apartment for almost a month now and I can’t stand the taste of plain water. So I looked at the pitcher full of “Tang” and wondered if it had improved any in the last two decades.


Still that same watery, hard to identify flavor that isn’t anything like you’d imagine orange juice to taste like even if you had never had orange juice before. It is certainly tangy and I suppose that must be how it got its name. It was the best some poor slob of a product tester could come up with when asked to describe what it tasted like and some marketing geek said “THAT COULD WORK! AND IT ABSOLVES US OF LIABILITY AT THE SAME TIME!! WOOT!”

9 thoughts on “Tang-y.

  1. Kind of like my first taste of V-8. No matter how hard I tried it didn’t taste like tomato juice..But have faith Evil One now that I’m 68 I love V-8 so I estimate in approx. 32 years you will love TANG!!!!

  2. Our beloved Evil One left out that this tang is sugar free.  Which can be bought like sugar free Country Time Lemonade. Mrs. SEB for some reason has developed a taste for it.

  3. BLEAH! Sugar free?! I’m not a Tang fan, but if I’m going to drink it, I require it to be fully-leaded…the way it’s creators meant for it to taste.

    Screw Atkins.

  4. I’m a type-two diabetic so I have to moderate my sugar intake. That’s also why I switched to diet pop, something I once swore I’d die before I’d ever do. I was wrong.

  5. Ow, that’s sucks. I also swore I’d never drink diet soda (Coke Classic ONLY, and lots of ‘em), but I got a new metabolism for my 30th birthday and decided Pepsi One wasn’t so bad.

  6. I grew up on Tang and I cannot stand the taste of it now.  Same goes for chicken flavored Top Ramen.  Blech!

  7. cant find sugar free tang in the stores around me in walnut creek ca . stumbled into this pit of depravity from google .suspect that further browsing of this site will reveal satanic spam barbeque recipes and the like

  8. Satanic SPAM BBQ recipes? No, none on here that I know of, but if you know any that actually make SPAM edible be sure to let us know.

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