Sunday morning wandering.

After setting most of the clocks in the house back an hour this morning and being quite pleased with the alarm clock I bought which sets itself automatically making for one less clock to change and ensuring I always have correct time, I sat down at the computer and started browsing through the referrer list for SEB.

I came across a new blog that’s linking to SEB called Covie Writes and the very first entry on the page written on October 24th was so good I just had to link to it.

Seems Covie is divorced and she writes about the need to get along as best you can with your ex-spouse and the troubles that come with doing so. Her message at the end of the piece is short and to the point and makes a lot of sense. I can relate somewhat despite not being divorced (Courtney’s mother and I never married), but I’m fortunate in that, for the time being at least, Courtney’s mom is out of the picture. That wasn’t always the case and it won’t be the case in the future so the message in Covie’s entry is one I would do well to remember myself. Good stuff. I’ll have to blogroll her site.

3 thoughts on “Sunday morning wandering.

  1. Just surfed in and got a kick out of some of the stuff you have here. I like the format. I too am from SE Michigan, Wayne County and am a medically retired PC/Electronic tech and do side work building, repairing, troubleshooting computers. I also do a web site and between the two my mind stays healthy. LOL that is about all though.

    I was crusing the web gathering material for my web site which is a web based adult comedy ezine style site. I try to do them weekly but have found it hard lately because of family matters.

    Anyway I just wanted to say hi and will bookmark ya. Oh and if you have a newsletter I would be happy to receive it. If you every decide to do tech write ups or interesting commentary I would be glad to carry them on my site. I am getting a lady graphics person to put up a graphics site with tutoring and graphics archives.

    Keep Rockin,

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