Stormy weather ahead.

Looks like the Earth is about to take another whompin’ from the Sun possibly starting around mid-day today. Worst-case estimates are that this geomagnetic storm might be one of the most powerful ones ever recorded and could last up to 24 hours, but should provide a colorful light show at night.

Found over on Scott’s blog.

Update: Pic gratuitously stolen from Michele’s site who suggests that we all should engage in a little low-level panic just for the fun of it.

Goodness knows I’ve not panicked in awhile so I’m probably due for a little good old fashioned “chicken little” antics right about now.

3 thoughts on “Stormy weather ahead.

  1. Cool sites:

    This is the satellite, orbiting one of the Lagrange points between the Earth and Sun, that took the green pic. They have a cool screensaver – near-real-time pics of the sun.

    Emails updates of cool sky stuff.

    AniGIF of Tuesday’s monster flare (Coronal Mass Ejection, if’n you want to sound smart), pilfered from the SOHO site – I didn’t want to lose that one! The graininess comes from the radiation (protons going roughly 10% of the speed of light) hitting the detectors.


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