So it’s October…

… and it’s already surprisingly nippy here in Michigan. The colder than usual weather has me wondering if we’re in for a nasty winter this year.

Still, one thing that hasn’t changed is the tendency for cold weather to get me thinking of the upcoming holidays. I’m doing better this year, though, I’ve managed to make it to October without busting out the Christmas music in my car (I’ve been known to start as early as mid-September). Just saw the first ad on TV for the Radio City Christmas Spectacular that they have at the Fox Theater in Detroit every year. I’m not particularly fond of that production, but it’s a sure sign the holidays are zooming up fast.

For the last couple of years I’ve been meaning to come up with a good costume to wear to work for Halloween and for the last couple of years I managed to procrastinate to the point that I don’t have anything ready for when the day arrives. Every year I resolve to start planning early in the month for it and this year isn’t any different. I’ve got exactly 4 weeks to figure out what I’m going to be and assemble something that resembles a costume.

So I’m curious what the rest of you folks plan on dressing up as for Halloween, assuming you plan to. I asked this question last year and no one responded to it at all so I’m hoping for a better response this year. If you could do your dream costume, what would it be?

13 thoughts on “So it’s October…

  1. No one EVER dresses up over here apart from an increasing number of kids who have picked up an overwhelming desire for all things American from a diet of such erudite TV shows as Smart Guy, 8 Simple Rules and the like.  Myself, I would quite like another excuse to dress up as those adults that do dress up only do so for things like comic relief and stag/hen parties.  If you are short of an idea Les can I recommend Rasputin the well known murderous Russian monk, having the beard already you would only need to aquire a hessian habit and perhaps an ice pick or two embedded in your skull.  Heres hoping you enjoy the holiday.

  2. Is it just me, or have they been running that same exact commercial for the Radio City Christmas Spectacular for years? I swear I saw the commercial a couple weeks ago. It’s only a few short weeks before you start seeing Rockettes doing the weather with Chuck Gaidica.

    No dressing up for me on Halloween. I’d rather fill my Fuck It bucket with candy and hand it out. Or better yet, have a party and drink myself silly. But in my own clothes.

  3. Well, apart from pitching a “seperation of church and groceries” fit at my local supermarket when they put the christmas tree up *last freakin’ week*  I haven’t thought much about the holidays…

    I think for holloween, though, I’m going as Lara Croft, since I lost tons of weight and can wear the outfit. wink  Just need a long dark wig and I’m all set.

  4. Dream costume….french maid! Whoops! Wrong site….

    My dream costume would be death. A really cool bitchin’ version of death that would cause kids to cry and the elderly to run!

  5. My two neighbors and I are going out as witches.  Actually, since the neighbor girls want to join us,as well as the neighbor’s girlfriend and also her mom, we are working on going out as a coven.  All stems from the Baptists in town thinking my friend was a witch because she’s single, successful not from around here and has the best house in town that they all covet not-so-secretly.  Either that or because she hates curtains and thinks that if you are looking in her windows when she’s changing, you get what you get.  I’ve seen it.  Nice.  Anyway, we figured if they think we’re witches anyway (and some of the above list may, in fact, be witches—haven’t asked) we might as well do it up and scare the piss out of the Baptists.  After all, why waste a good Pagan holiday on tootsie rolls?

  6. I will be getting married this year on Halloween, but normally I dress up in my Sunflower suit and play like a garden….

  7. Personally, my dream costume would be full Minotaur gear. However, since I’m not quite creative enough to make it, I’ll probably just dress as a half-ass pirate.

  8. I really want something that basically shows boobs and butt. thinking like those sexy moulin rouge outfits, but the damn things cost $300. If i can bring my sorry ass off the couch and away from my pillsbury halloween cupcakes, i’ll probably just put together random clothes and be a dead fill in the blank here or a fill in the blank here…on crack.

    Oh…the days when I actually gave a rats ass.

  9. Hmmm….I think I’ll wear a white hat and white boots (and nothing in between) and go as a Q-Tip (Hee Hee)

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