Retro gaming ain’t for everyone.

What do you get when you take kids from the “PlayStation Generation” (9-12) and sit them down with truly old school video games like the ones I grew up on? You get a fascinating article from the folks at EGM called Child’s Play that is funny and depressing (if you’re an old timer) at the same time.

Niko: Hey—Pong. My parents played this game.

Brian: It takes this whole console just to do Pong?

Kirk: What is this? [Picks up and twists the paddle controller] Am I controlling the volume?

John: I’m just going to do this [twists the paddle controller as rapidly as possible].

Tim: John, don’t do that. You’ll die.

Andrew: This is a lot like that game. Um, whatchamacallit—air hockey.

Sheldon: Except worse.

Why you snot-nosed little punk-assed brats! When I was yer age I didn’t have any of these fancy-schmancy 3D graphics and 5.1 surround sound! Why we was lucky if the games had recognizable characters and more than one plot objective AND WE LOVE EVERY FRIGGIN’ MINUTE OF IT! You spoiled little rugrats wouldn’t know a true gaming experience if it bit you right on your fat little asses! Now go fetch Grampa some more bourbon!

Found via ***Dave Does The Blog.

4 thoughts on “Retro gaming ain’t for everyone.

  1. Oh yeah…that takes me back – all the way back to the year 2000! Whoops, I mean 1980 when I would ride my bike 10 miles to hang out at a friends house and we would play his Atari console.

    Look out! Here comes the paper-clip shaped duck which is supposed to be a dragon, touch him with your inverted arrow you giantic white dot you…

  2. I am only 16 and I would rather play pong than some of these violant games that are out now. No I am not a psycho christian. I just feel ther is no need to encourage violence anymore than we do. I would so settle for Pong over Unreal Championship any day…. [ponders]. Wait, what am I saying, BRING ON THE UC!

  3. no way!

    well, im like pong and tetris (i can play hours), but at my age i need some red blood.

    Unreal rules yhe world!… but needs some more red blood.

    (im not that sick… but i cant write very well)

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