1.1 has been released.

In case you missed it v1.1 has been released. This is an Open Source alternative to MS Office and I have to admit it’s pretty damn good. It’s free, largely compatible with MS Office and is available for multiple OSes. Check it out.

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  1. That is so cool.  I love the idea behind opensource.  I’m downloading it now, and if it’s even a little bit good it’s going to become my main office app at school.

    Hell, if I didn’t have such a hell of a time getting my Nvidia cards to work with Linux, I would have left that installed on my machine.

    Thanks for the link Les

  2. Some months ago I, briefly, looked at an earlier version of Open Office. Here are some observations.

    Stating the obvious, the price is right for Open Office. If you want additional functionality Sun offers a product called Star Office 7. The price for the home office version of Star doesn’t look all that bad.

    If you are familair with Word, Excel, and Power Point, you shouldn’t have much trouble learning the basic Open Office user interface.

    You should be able to open most “vanilla” MS Office documents with Open Office. However, macros/scripting done in MS Office will not convey. (At least they didn’t in the earlier version.) Open Office does have scripting cpability, but any thing you do will be a new start.

    Open Office does not have email capabilty. However, Sun provides some recommendations on the subject.

    It may or may not be possible for Open Office to work directly with an MS Access database. Since Open Office support ODBC it should(?) be possible to read Access tables. But, if the database has forms etc., you probably have to start fresh within Open Office to replicate any functionality besides data storage.

    If you so desire, you can join one or more of the design forums and let your thoughts be known.

    If you or your organization is not heavily invested in MS Office, Open Office is certanly worth considering. It should be around for a while.

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