OK, I will.

I keep getting these letters from the folks at Talk America Phone Services that have the following printed in big red letters on the front of the envelope: “SBC hopes you’ll throw this envelope away.”

And I think to myself, “Then SBC will be very happy with me.” As I toss the envelope into the garbage. Not that I use SBC for my phone service, but if all they’re hoping for is that I’ll throw away Talk America’s sales pitch then they should be tickled pink by now. What with the number of times I’ve had to do just that lately.

9 thoughts on “OK, I will.

  1. Hahaha. I do the same thing. Sooner or later, they will figure out that the at particular sales pitch isn’t working.

  2. I recently started sending back the reply envelopes sent in junk mail back empty. Figured if they waste my time then I can waste their money.

    Also, I ask telemarketers to hold on for a second because ‘I just got out of the shower’. Then leave them their for a while.

    Time is money and you can not get back time!

  3. Maybe if we send enough of those prepaid reply envelopes back, the Post Office won’t have to raise postage rates.

    I don’t get AOL cds like I used to either.  Not since reading about the two guys wanting to collect a million discs to dump in front of AOL hq.  I’ve only gotten 2 since then, and they were in hardware packages.

  4. I still get AOL cds at least once a month in the mail. Should try the old ‘Refused … return to sender’ method. I use to write it on Columbia House CD of the Month boxes when I would forget to mail in the previous months card stating I didn’t want it. Never heard anything from Columbia House about it.

  5. I had joined Play b/c they didn’t send out the cds every month.  I managed to save several of the “unlimited $2.99 cds” cards from their catalogs – worked out to less than $6 per cd.  Then to my dismay, Columbia House canned Play.  Irritated me, since $6 a disc is an easy way to replace an old cassette collection! 

    At least Columbia House keep the Play idea and no longer sends out selections every month.  Of course, now when the new stuff shows up, they won’t let you use it towards your obligation for a while.

  6. Maybe the name is supposed to make you think ‘Christ: Enjoy!’ which admittedly is not as catchy as the ‘Got Christ?’ ads with the saucy christians and their white liquid mustaches or even the late 80’s ‘Where’s the savior?’ with the little old lady that was obviously far too short to be driving. Another down side to the sales pitch is the whole perishing, withering, and dying thing…what a downer.

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